Bridget Glasgow Interior Design


Bridget Glasgow was an invaluable asset to the interior design project of our Georgian house. She was able to interpret the "look" I was searching for and translate this into a cohesive scheme for paint colours, soft furnishings and curtains. Her creative flair and professional and timely service made for a stress-free project leaving us with a coordinated and elegant home with which I am thrilled.

London Client

Bridget Glasgow has advised us on all of our interior design projects worldwide over the last 15 years, - in Poland, New York, UK, Zambia and the Caribbean. In some of these locations, she has worked from a brief without seeing the project. Regardless of whether she is able to visit the site, or if we work remotely by email and digital photographs, her approach is always the same. She is meticulous and professional and has a wealth of experience to draw on. She uses colour to transform a room and has many creative ideas and striking suggestions to add flair to any scheme. She is always well briefed about industry trends and new suppliers to ensure that she can showcase the latest products to her clients.

Sarah Harrison

I have been Bridget's client for nearly twenty years and I've absolutely loved working with her on my interiors over that time. Bridget really understands me, my taste, lifestyle and budget. We are expatriates and have lived all over the world. Bridget has adapted to the places and styles where we have lived and integrated our eclectic mix of belongings, bringing them all together in an elegant style. She has sourced cutting edge design for us, as well as knowing the antique market inside out. I always receive compliments from guests that my home is elegant, cosy and relaxed: perfect - thank you Bridget!"

Alison Paech-Ujejski

Bridget has helped me complete two projects, and we are currently working on a third. My family and I could not be happier with what she has done. In particular, I would say that she is infallible in her choice and combinations of colour, patterns and textures to create a beautiful, warm and comfortable spaces to live in. On my own, I would never have been brave enough to pull together the looks that Bridget had developed for me. Yet when she is finished the look is very natural and not at all contrived. Her spaces give you a wonderful sense of well being. They also wear well and don't age. I trust her judgment completely and also feel that very few designers have the ability to work with colour the way she does. On another note, Bridget is an absolute joy to work with. She is easy going and patient on the one hand, and completely focused and reliable on the other. She listens and incorporates what you have to say, yet will (diplomatically) tell you when something won't work. I have been very lucky.

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My first project with Bridget was a 200sm apartment in Warsaw in 1997. At that time, Poland was still emerging from its Communist legacy and it was difficult to get anything done, as both qualified workers and quality products were difficult to find or non-existent. Poland was not a part of the EU yet, so it was also very complicated to import anything from other countries. In addition to these problems was the fact that I had no experience in decorating a home. Bridget was fantastic. She provided the overall layout, colour scheme and soft furnishing recommendations, and oversaw much of the work being done as well as the complicated logistics. My family has been happily living in the apartment ever since and we all love it. We all feel good every time we walk in, even after 13 years. Many people have complimented us on our home and have used it as an inspiration for their own.

The second project was the gutting and complete refurbishment of a house on the coast near Boston, Massachusetts,USA. Neither Bridget nor I were living there at the time of the construction. I still remember Bridget and I going over there for 5 days blitz to get everything done. I really had my doubts, as we stood in the windowless, gutted space on a blustery February day, measuring for curtains and everything else. Unbelievably, we did get it all done, from choosing the colour scheme and layout finding and ordering furniture and organizing materials for curtains and soft furnishings. This was completely thanks to Bridget. I was tired, jetlagged and cold, but she just kept on going. She also did not drop the ball after we left, coordinating across the Atlantic with the various contacts she made. I returned with my children in July and Bridget came a week later to supervise the installation of the curtains. I couldn't believe it!!! Also, the results were brilliant. I was living in a world of soft sherbety colours which not only blended in with the ocean view and strong summer sun, but also looked inviting in the winter and at night, when there was no view.

The current project is redoing our apartment, after 13 years of wear and tear. In some ways it is the most challenging - to keep the feel of a place we like very much while trying to do something fresh and new. It requires a lot of communication and thoughtfulness to allow a place to evolve, rather than start from scratch. Again, I am thoroughly enjoying going through the process with Bridget, and am looking forward to the finished project!

Helen Milne

Bridget Glasgow has advised me on interior design for twenty years. I have a beach house in Cornwall, a flat in London and a fifteenth century Manor House in the country. Bridget has designed the interiors for all of these three properties. Her work is original and she has been able to choose unusual fabrics and paint colours for all the properties, taking into account their different requirements. Bridget always goes to a great deal of trouble on each project and is also anxious to fit in with the existing furnishings. I would recommend her as an excellent interior designer.

Lady Cobham

Bridget has helped us to decorate our house over the last few years. She has the wonderful knack of coming up with just the right creative suggestions to meet the varied requirements of decorating a 18th century family farmhouse. She also has an excellent eye for colour and design and is very good at producing designs whtat will fit in with the furniture and furnishings that are already in the house.

Local Client